How Well Do You Retain Users?

The insights provided under How Well Do You Retain Users are tracked automatically.User Retention is the continued use of your product. While app installs hold a lot of credence to how impulsively interested users are in your product–or perhaps your ability to drive traffic to your product-it is not a good indicator of continued interest. A better way to evaluate the relative success of your app is to measure the number of repeated use from users that keep coming back to your app. A low retention rate can indicate an issue with your app. For example, if you notice an unusually high number of users leaving your app on the first day, you may have a problem with your app's onboarding. With MIKROS your retention is measured for you automatically.

Shortlist of KPIs and Insights

KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Description
User Retention The percentage of users still using your app after a set period e.g. Day 1, Day 7, Day 30. The longer a user is retained, the more likely they are having a positive experience in your product.